Larry Gallegos is a bit of a renegade and “slayer of sacred cows” within mortgage circles. However, he also happens to be one of the most celebrated family mortgage advisers in the Greater Atlanta market!

While considered outspoken and politically incorrect within the financial community, he is famous and revered by his clients for his advice, honesty and kindness.  Over the years, he has learned about the world of finance and studied America’s “debt industry” from the inside, making him aware of what 99% of us don’t.  He’s knows the “dirty little secrets”  Wall Street  keeps from those who live on “Main Street.”

Coming from a working-class background himself, his focus is and always has been on the needs of regular neighborhood families and their financial turnaround. To his financial detriment, he continues to share these shocking details…to guide and help hardworking middle-class families use the same “secret” techniques used primarily by financial insiders themselves.”

Why You Should Listen To “The Mortgage Cicerone”:

The Mortgage Cicerone (Larry Gallegos) started his mortgage career in 1992 and specialized in helping individuals and families qualify for and finance a home of their own; often with little or no money down and with less than perfect credit or other qualifying problems.

Over the years he has helped over 2516 families (just like yours) get the mortgage loan that best suited their needs and is recognized nationally as one of the foremost noted experts concerning:

1.) First-Time Homebuyers( FTHB) and
2.) FHA/VA Loans
3.) Refinance and “Strategic Wealth Management” Strategies

“The Mortgage Cicerone” is Born:

Starting in the mortgage business in 1992, Larry focused on serving First-Time Homebuyers (FTHB), which in turn led to originating a large volume of FHA loans (originated over 2500 mortgages during his career and 318 one year alone).

Larry, his son and their team quickly built a referral based business. Over time he found his FTHB clients were moving up, refinancing and/or investing in rental properties. This process started him and his son down the road to understanding, developing and employing the power of what today is called, “Strategic Equity Management.”

It was during this period that people starting calling both Larry and his son “Mortgage Cicerones.”

Back in the early and mid 90’s, Larry did not have a name for these secret Wealth Management tools he and his son developed, they just knew they worked and were enhancing his clients financial well being. Over the next decade, he and other mortgage planning pioneers developed “Strategic Wealth Management” into what it is today.


Super Wife that puts up with his precociousness
Six kids (3 boys and 3 girls)
Eleven WONDERFUL Grandchildren


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