As homeowners insurance premiums rise across the nation, writes a helpful story on ways to keep your premiums down. The tips may surprise you.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Don’t think a series of small claims is better than one big claim. The smaller clains are more expensive to process for an insurer and may result in higher premiums for your home.
  2. Don’t lie about your history of claims — similar to CARFAX, homeowners have a “record” that track prior filings and getting busted is only a database search away.
  3. Higher credit scores can lead to lower premiums because homeowners will higher scores tend to make fewer claims.
  4. Your driving records impact your premium calculation.

The article also provides a fair amount of myth-busting so it’s worth a read. A few minutes could save you some good money on your home insurance.

(Image courtesy: Spot Lite Magic & Costumes)

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