Buying a home can be both an exciting and stressful process. Understanding the process, the players and terminology can help take the stress out of the experience and give you the confidence necessary to make the best decision for you and your family. Be patient and know once you have passed through each stage, you’re a little closer to being in you new home (that is if that’s what is best for you).


  • You dream of buying a home
  • You analyze your finances, decide how much you can afford and how much you will spend


  • You shop first for you mortgage options
  • You shop for a home
  • You select a home, make an offer and negotiate the price


  • The owner negotiates, you agree on a price, sign a sales contract and put up earnest money
  • You obtain a mortgage
  • You have the home inspected, obtain hazard insurance and prepare funds for closing. The lender and closing agents order the appraisal and title search
  • The closing agent brings a clear title, deed and termite certificate. The owner brings keys for the home to the closing
  • You bring the down payment, closing funds and insurance verification to the closing
  • The attorney/lender/real estate professional coordinates the signing of documents and the transfer of money and ownership
  • Ownership of the home is transferred to you at the closing
  • You move your possessions into your new home


  • You enjoy your new home and create a seasonal maintenance schedule

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