Relocating to Georgia or cobb countyLonging For Greener Pastures

Looking for more career opportunities? Dreaming about returning to your beloved hometown? Wishing you lived closer to majestic hiking trails or morning walks on pristine ocean beaches? Hungering for sidewalk cafes, fine art museums, theaters, and nightclubs?

Have you thought about Georgia?

You’re not alone. There seem to be a lot of stories these days about people who’ve decided to pack up and move to Georgia or new locale for a better lifestyle – or just a different one. Maybe it’s the telecommuting options of the digital age or the ability to use air travel to maintain relationships with friends and family. Whatever the reason, people are deciding to make changes.

If you’re longing for something your current location just can’t give you, moving may be the answer. And the great thing about a self-motivated move is that you get to decide where you’re going to live and when the move will happen. What can be more exciting and challenging than that?

Finding That Great Town
If you’re moving back to Georgia for the security of your family roots or returning to your alma mater for an advanced degree, your relocation will be much easier than if you decide to go someplace you’ve never been before. You may need to get used to some changes, like more development and new faces running familiar businesses. But odds are you’ve chosen to go back because you know the place still holds something for you. That’s a good position to be in.

If you’ve decided that your current location is limiting your job potential, you may choose the Atlanta metro area to jumpstart your career by heading for a place where business is booming. Trade magazines and Web sites are great places to find out where the “hot” locations are for any given line of work.

If you haven’t already pinpointed the area you want live in, research should be your first step. Start with your root reason for wanting to move. What exactly are you looking for? Someplace that’s far from metropolitan hustle and bustle? A great place to raise a family? Your local bookstore and library have a wide variety of books and magazines that rate cities on their desirability. Just keep in mind that any rating of cities is based on what the author of the book thinks is important, which may or may not be important to you. Be sure to look beyond the ratings to find out what parameters were used to create their rating system.

Look For What’s Important To You  

The great thing about people is that while we all share many similarities, we’re all unique. We have vastly different needs, wants, and priorities. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you’d like to live, start writing down what’s important in your life. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Am I just scraping by? Do I need an area with a lower cost of living?
  • Am I looking for relief from the heat or the cold?
  • Am I a city person at heart, or am I longing for a small town where the nights are quiet?
  • What recreation and cultural events are important to me?
  • How comfortable am I with the idea of being away from family and friends?
  • How do my family and friends feel about the idea of me leaving?
  • Is the type of work I do regionally centered, or can I find a job anywhere?

Once you list the things that matter most, try to rank them in order of importance. With that done, it’s much easier to find the kind of location you need.


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