Establishing a time line involves striking a balancing act between when you’d like to move and how much time you need to get ready.

If your move is job-related, you’ll need to start with your job start date and work backwards. You may be able to negotiate some time for your move before you start, but if you need to begin work right away, you may want to consider moving into temporary housing in order to give yourself enough time to get to know the area and find a home.

In addition to job start dates, consider these things in timing your move.

It’s fairly typical for families to move at the end of a school year, but some experts actually recommend moving during the school session to avoid the possibility of a “friendless summer” and two months of anxiety leading up to the first day at a new school. Moving during or just before the start of the school year also means the possibility of immediate access to activities your children enjoy.

Where Will My Children Finish The School Year? 

If you are buying a newly constructed home or a home where the sellers need to find a new home, the closing date may be delayed. Also, the time line between offer acceptance and closing can vary from state to state. Check with the real estate agent to get a realistic estimate of how long it will take to close your purchase deal and take possession of the house. 

How Quickly Can We Sell Our Current House?

Real estate agents have access to very accurate figures on how long a typical house in your area takes to sell. Tell your listing agent your ideal time line for the sale. Depending on the market, there may be things you can do with your asking price and marketing strategy that can lead to a faster closing.

Should We Consider Temporary Housing?

If it becomes obvious that your moving time line isn’t going according to plan, you may need to consider looking into temporary housing in your new location. This is a good idea to look into if:

  • There’s a substantial gap between the time you want to move and the time your new house
  • can be ready.
  • You don’t feel that you know the area well enough to choose the right neighborhood yet.
  • The cost of temporary housing isn’t prohibitively expensive.
  • Temporary housing is available in a size large enough for your family.
  • Temporary housing is available in an area you’re willing to live in.
  • There are a lot of rentals on the market – this means you can probably negotiate less than
  • a one-year lease or could find a sublease from someone else.
  • It’s taking a long time to sell your current house.

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