How many times do you see the term “mortgage professional” used when in fact the person using the title is NOT?

I know hundreds of loan originators across the country who truly personify the term “mortgage professional,” however I have also seen countless others who remind me of Richard on this YouTube video.

While most individuals in the mortgage profession are dedicated to conducting their business in a fair, competent, and truthful manner, their are enough Richard’s that consumers must carefully screen who they pick to represent them in a mortgage transaction.

As mortgage professionals, we acknowledge the profound impact, which our conduct has upon our clients’ welfare. Additionally, our clients should rely on the accuracy and honesty of our guidance in the disposition of their assets, which may represent a major portion of their lifetime savings.

Bottom line – It’s BOZO’s like Richard and friends that hurt our industry. Can you imagine being so proud of these sales tactics that you actually post it on YouTube?


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