After briefly exceeding its all-time high, oil closed Monday at $102.45. 

Rising energy costs can lead to inflation because American Business eventually passes on its higher costs to American Consumers.

When consumers have to spend more money for the same amount of product, it’s called “inflation”. 

Another way to look at inflation is like an erosion in the value of a dollar.

The presence of inflation causes mortgage rates to rise because mortgage debts are repaid in dollars.  If those dollars are losing their value, the rates tied to those debts have to increase to “cancel out” the erosion.

This is why mortgage rates spiked Monday.  As oil prices rose, the fear of inflation grew larger.

Over the next few weeks, expect mortgage rates to be highly sensitive to oil prices.  As oil prices rise, mortgage rates should, too.  As oil prices fall, mortgage rates should follow.

(Image courtesy: New York Times)


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