The specifics and eligibility requirements

  • Homeowners/borrowers must be age 62 or older and occupy the property as their principal residence
  • Property must be a single-family or a two-to-four unit dwelling
  • No income, employment or credit qualifying restriction.
  • Property must be owned free and clear or have a remaining mortgage balance which can be paid off by a reverse mortgage
  • Property must meet HUD minimum property standards. In some cases, home repairs can be made after the closing of a reverse mortgage.
  • Townhomes, detached homes, condominium units, planned unit developments (PUDs) and some manufactured homes are eligible

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount is based on the following factors:

  • Appraised value of the home
  • Age of the youngest homeowner
  • County in which the property is located
  • Current interest rate

Generally speaking, the older you are, the more your home is worth and the lower the interest rate, the more you’ll be able to borrow.

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