Home is where the heart is. It’s anywhere you hang your hat and shelter yourself and your family. The need for shelter is basic to all humans. Since time began, that need has been satisfied by an enormous variety of homes — from caves and igloos to river boats, cabins and castles.

Your choice of a home is as individual as you are. Some people want to live in a ranch style home, where all the rooms are on one level. Others may choose a split level, a townhouse, a farmhouse — the list goes on. The type of home you choose is a unique expression of your individuality.

In the same way, deciding whether to rent or to buy a home is up to each individual. Some people choose to buy their homes; others prefer to rent. There is no right and wrong. Whatever you chose to do is right — if it is right for your own individual situation.

For many, the decision to purchase a home is the realization of the American dream. In many countries, owning a home is a privledge for the privledged few, but the United States remains a land of vast opportunity. Owning a home is an achievable dream for virtually anyone. Only you can decide whether or not it is your dream.

If it is your dream, this blog site can help you turn that dream into a reality. It’s wonderful to dream; it’s even better to make your dreams come true.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be writing a series of articles (posts) that will make the home buying process less daunting and help you understand what is necessary for you to purchase a home.


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