Money leaving the stock market helped mortgage rates move lower yesterday.  As the Dow swung from a 140-point gain to a 140-point loss in a matter of hours, dollars were looking for a place to “park”. 

Mortgage bonds were one beneficiary.

When investors sell stocks in a portfolio, they don’t always want to keep the resultant cash sitting in their bank account.  In search of higher returns, bonds are often an attractive follow-up investment. 

This process is sometimes referred to a “flight-to-quality” — dollars leaving risky investments like stocks and moving into safer bets with more predictable returns.

The safest of all bets is a U.S. government-issued bond called a treasury that is practically guaranteed, and therefore, is considered to be risk-free.

Mortgage bonds carry slightly more risky than treasuries, but that is why their rate of return is a little bit higher, too.

As demand for mortgage bonds increase, mortgage rates fall and that’s what we saw happen yesterday.  Today, the stock market opened with a small gain and mortgage rates are giving back some of Tuesday’s improvement.


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