mortgage home loan fha refinance kennesaw ackworth powder springs marriettaThe mortgage industry is going through a paradigm shift in the way mortgage products are delivered to clients. While the principles have not changed, the method in which they are delivered is changing with ever increasing speed.

Part of my job in delivering outstanding customer service to my clients is great communication…that is a principle. However, the paradigm shift referenced above pertains to the method in which I delivery great communication to my clients.

For example:

  • Today most Americans own or have daily access to the Internet 
  • Two years ago, most people had never heard of a blog (your reading one now)
  • Five years ago, nobody had a Blackberry that delivered their email to remotely
  • Ten years ago, most individuals didn’t have an email account
  • Fifteen years ago, most people did not have a cell phone

Because of these and other changes, I can now deliver excellent customer service to my clients whether they are 3 or 3,000 miles away. In many ways, because of technology, my level of communication has increasingly exceeded what was possible in the past.

Used correctly, technology not only enhances my customers experience while getting a home loan, it allows them to also better intergrate their mortgage into their overall financial situation.

For that reason, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to enhance my customers overall personal level of service.

Recently I saw a demonstration for a new product called Microsoft Surface.

Surface is indicative of the current trend in computing and technology. Instead of being about adding new features (or speeding up existing ones), it’s about doing things in a simpler, friendlier way.

This trend is made possible because of decades worth of incremental advances in technology — fast enough processors, inexpensive enough camera sensors, large enough displays, experienced and creative enough coders.

Simple, clean, easy. TiVo did it with television recording. Apple did it with the iPod and is hoping to do it with the iPhone.

This approach is what I expect from technology to operate and do what I need it to do…increase my clients overall experience.

Hopefully Microsoft Surface and others deliver on the promising prospect of simple, clean and easy computing. 



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